Life in Chico

Chiropractic in Chico? Easy, that’s Spine Chiropractic and Doctor Jesse Smith. What about the other good stuff? Well, we have friends! Here are a few of them:

Chiropractor Jesse Smith Chico CA Alpha Strong Gym

Alpha Strong Gym – A Chiropractic lifestyle is about more than an absence of symptoms. We fix people so they can go achieve and grow, and Alpha Strong is a great place to do that. Every session is an accomplishment at Alpha Strong!

Chico Running Club – Spine Chiropractic is the premier sponsor for the Chico Running Club. They are a great group of runners of all levels. Check out their website for information about upcoming races, and weekly community runs. Dr. Jesse also does regular talks and workshops with the running club, which we announce on our Facebook Page.

Joel Minden Ph.D. and Center for Clinical and Applied Sport Psychology – Doctor Joel provides cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for individuals with anxiety, depression, and relationship problems, client-centered counseling, and sport psychology consulting for athletes and performing artists.

Live Life Juice Company – Delicious, local, cold pressed juice. Our fridge is never without a few jars from the Live Life Juice Company, and its awesome!

Vince Phipps and VIP Fitness Chico – Vince got us started on all this running stuff! Now he’s hosting beginning, intermediate, and advanced 5k groups.