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One of our goals at Spine Chiropractic is to see everyone benefit from chiropractic care, and we set our fee schedule with that in mind. Patients who pay the same day as their appointments receive a significant time of service (TOS) discount.

We provide both acute/injury care and wellness care at Spine Chiropractic.

Acute/Injury Care is covered by most insurance companies; you can search your carrier’s website to confirm. Be sure to check your out-of-network benefits as Dr. Jesse Smith is not under contract with any insurance carriers. You can always call our office at (530) 809 – 2695 and our front desk staff will be happy to help you and answer any questions.

Despite providing long term health care cost savings and a multitude of other benefits wellness care is typically not covered by insurance, yet a majority of our patients stay at Spine Chiropractic for some form of wellness care. Check out our Chiropractic Adjustments page to learn more about the benefits of chiropractic.

We accept personal injury and auto accident patients.