Best of Chico 2015, Babies, and Massage!

Best Chico Chiroropractor Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith Best Chiropractor in Chico?

Only with your help! We have the best patients, we have the best front desk (Sarah!), and we work with the best massage therapists. Do we have the best doctor? If you think so please take a moment and vote for Jesse Smith of Spine Chiropractic as Chico’s Best Chiropractor!

Let’s show Built For Bodywork some love for Best Massage Therapist as well!

chiropractic for baby jesse smith

Introducing Zoe Sterling Smith! Clearly Zoe is happy with daddy doing a spinal check! Baby Zoe joined us May 7th, weighing in at 5lb 12oz.

Have kids yourself? Get ’em checked! If they’re good we’ll happily tell you so, if not, we’ll fix ’em!



massage therapy at spine chiropractic chico


Welcome Caitlin! We are blessed with some very talented massage therapists here at the office. Caitlin of Salutations Therapeutic Massage has only been with us a few months and already our office is better for having her! Online scheduling is available or via phone: (530) 321 – 8879.


Finally, has it been a while since you’ve been in? Now would be a great time to come back and take great care of yourself!

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