Good Form Running in Chico – Week 1: Posture

Every Saturday this month the Chico Running Club has invited me to do a brief Good Form Running Clinic. It’s 8am at One Mile in Chico, CA. These little workshops only last about 10 minutes, and then they go on their weekly group run. Hit their website for more information, and consider joining the club. Spine Chiropractic is a premier sponsor and we waive exam fees for their members. Plus, they have pizza parties!

Click here for the Good Form Running Handout.

Week 1: Posture

Pelvic Position – Engage the Core Luke!

Squeeze your glutes, this will place your pelvis in the proper position. Engage your core enough to hold that pelvic position. Maintain this position!

I love couch to 5k programs for this; they provide the perfect opportunity to build the skill, endurance, and strength needed to run properly. If I could choose one thing for you to not give up on it’d be this!

Posture Spine Chiropractic

Thoracic Position – The Two Hand Rule

Your hips and pelvis are set! The next idea we covered was to keep that thoracic spine and shoulders in a good position. A failure here is often what causes that shoulder tightness and exertional headaches during and after runs.

We introduced the Two Hand Rule, in a braced position with our ribs down, place a hand at your sternum and another at your belt line, keep that rib cage down during your runs and posture resets.

Here is Kelly Starrett showing the two hand rule while seated, his book Ready To Run goes more in depth with these topics and I can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone interested in running, or being a functional human.

two hand rule posture

That is a short breakdown. It was hard to write this post and not make it much, much longer.

We teach this stuff at Spine Chiropractic and I love to take it out into our community. It is powerful stuff and I want every opportunity to share it. You can book me for these types of talks. We don’t charge for small groups, non-profits, schools, etc. Seminars and the like, contact Sarah at the office, we’ll work something out!

Enjoy your run!