Holidays. Go to Sleep.

This is part of our series to help you feel less stressed through the holidays. If you start to nod off while reading this, that’s good! Our post today will teach you how to sleep a little better. We plan on making another series about sleep in the future, so this will be a quick overview since there is so much to say.

Sleeping poorly causes the body to produce more adrenaline and other stress hormones to keep you awake. This puts the body into a fight or flight response just to keep you functioning. Sleeping better will reduce production of these hormones, allowing the body to remain balanced between “fight or flight” sympathetic nervous system and “rest and digest” parasympathetic nervous system. This also improves mood and mental function, which could make picking out the perfect gift for Nana easier. 

Here are a few quick tips on how to sleep better: 

  • Get 8 hours of sleep a night
  • Have a regular sleep time and wake time
  • Avoid eating a big meal right before bed

One of the best ways to improve your sleep is to stop using your screens at least an hour before going to bed. Most screens produce blue light frequencies that stop your body’s production of sleep hormones. This stops your body from shutting down as it normally would at night. Screen time also keeps your brain entertained, and therefore pushes sleep further into the night. 

Blue light glasses have been shown to reduce the negative effects of screen time on your eyes. To get a better night’s sleep we recommend either wearing the glasses or turning on the blue light filter setting on your portable devices. However, the most effective thing to do is to stop using your screen devices completely at least an hour before bed. 

If you find this difficult, you could spend that time

  • Reading
  • Writing in a diary
  • Having a conversation with a loved
  • Organizing part of your house
  • Practicing breathing techniques (yes, this is a shameless plug for our previous blog post, check it out here!)

If you are reading this on your phone while laying in bed, that’s hilarious, and it is also okay. Like any habit, it can be difficult to change at first, but it is very doable.

Start by putting your phone down tonight.

Then again tomorrow night.

And again the next night.

Before you know it, you’ll be phone free by the new year!

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at (530) 809-2695 to make an appointment by phone with Sarah our office manager, or make an appointment online at

-Ian Chase

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Holidays. Take a Breath.


With the holidays coming up, joy, wonder, and a little too much pie will be spread all throughout Chico. Because of all this bustling positivity in the air, it can be hard to keep up with your health.  Life and the holidays can get very stressful. We want to help. We want you to take back the holidays, reduce stress, and improve your health through a series of simple tips.

Today’s topic is as easy as breathing. Literally, because it is about breathing. Done properly, slowing your breathing can shift your nervous system from fight or flight (stress) to rest and digest (calm).

 It can also 

  • improve various lung functions
  •  increase the amount of oxygen the blood absorbs
  •  increase cardiovascular health  
  • decrease overall blood pressure and heart rate 
  • reduce neck and shoulder pain and stiffness.

It’s easy to achieve these benefits. In between carving the turkey, slicing the pie, take a moment to sit or lie down and breath slowly. You can do it. You’ll feel better. Studies have shown that the optimal breathing rate to gain all the benefits of slower breathing is 6 breaths per minute, or one full inhale/exhale every 10 seconds. That being said, as long as you relax and focus on slow breathing, you will still get benefits. Finding a rhythm and depth that is comfortable is more important than exact 10 second timing. 

Since we care so much about the spine and muscles, we also recommend that you sit with good posture. To do this, keep your core engaged with your ribs more or less flat with your abdomen. Keep your shoulders back and down to avoid hunching. Lastly, breathe into your belly without letting your shoulders shrug towards your ears. Keeping track of all of these things has the added benefit of making you forget about the 34 apple pies you need to bake for Nana’s party tomorrow. 

We’ve created a video for you on how to do this here.  In this video, our rehab specialist Megan teaches you how to breath properly. It shows the technique laying down, but it can absolutely be done while sitting, standing, or walking as well. We also cover breathing in our foam rolling/posture workshops.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (530) 809-2695 to make an appointment by phone with Sarah our office manager, or make an appointment online at

Good Form Running in Chico – Week 1: Posture

Every Saturday this month the Chico Running Club has invited me to do a brief Good Form Running Clinic. It’s 8am at One Mile in Chico, CA. These little workshops only last about 10 minutes, and then they go on their weekly group run. Hit their website for more information, and consider joining the club. Spine Chiropractic is a premier sponsor and we waive exam fees for their members. Plus, they have pizza parties!

Click here for the Good Form Running Handout.

Week 1: Posture

Pelvic Position – Engage the Core Luke!

Squeeze your glutes, this will place your pelvis in the proper position. Engage your core enough to hold that pelvic position. Maintain this position!

I love couch to 5k programs for this; they provide the perfect opportunity to build the skill, endurance, and strength needed to run properly. If I could choose one thing for you to not give up on it’d be this!

Posture Spine Chiropractic

Thoracic Position – The Two Hand Rule

Your hips and pelvis are set! The next idea we covered was to keep that thoracic spine and shoulders in a good position. A failure here is often what causes that shoulder tightness and exertional headaches during and after runs.

We introduced the Two Hand Rule, in a braced position with our ribs down, place a hand at your sternum and another at your belt line, keep that rib cage down during your runs and posture resets.

Here is Kelly Starrett showing the two hand rule while seated, his book Ready To Run goes more in depth with these topics and I can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone interested in running, or being a functional human.

two hand rule posture

That is a short breakdown. It was hard to write this post and not make it much, much longer.

We teach this stuff at Spine Chiropractic and I love to take it out into our community. It is powerful stuff and I want every opportunity to share it. You can book me for these types of talks. We don’t charge for small groups, non-profits, schools, etc. Seminars and the like, contact Sarah at the office, we’ll work something out!

Enjoy your run!

Best of Chico 2015, Babies, and Massage!

Best Chico Chiroropractor Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith Best Chiropractor in Chico?

Only with your help! We have the best patients, we have the best front desk (Sarah!), and we work with the best massage therapists. Do we have the best doctor? If you think so please take a moment and vote for Jesse Smith of Spine Chiropractic as Chico’s Best Chiropractor!

Let’s show Built For Bodywork some love for Best Massage Therapist as well!

chiropractic for baby jesse smith

Introducing Zoe Sterling Smith! Clearly Zoe is happy with daddy doing a spinal check! Baby Zoe joined us May 7th, weighing in at 5lb 12oz.

Have kids yourself? Get ’em checked! If they’re good we’ll happily tell you so, if not, we’ll fix ’em!



massage therapy at spine chiropractic chico


Welcome Caitlin! We are blessed with some very talented massage therapists here at the office. Caitlin of Salutations Therapeutic Massage has only been with us a few months and already our office is better for having her! Online scheduling is available or via phone: (530) 321 – 8879.


Finally, has it been a while since you’ve been in? Now would be a great time to come back and take great care of yourself!

(530) 809 – 2695

Success Story – Hand and Arm Numbness

“It’s weird; I am starting to be able to feel in my arm and hand again. I’ve been doing those exercises you gave me, because you made me promise I would. I’ve noticed I don’t have to look down as much to type because I know where my hand is now” –Patient

It’s not weird, it’s awesome, and it’s what we’re doing over here.

The patient above has a disc protrusion in her neck, poor posture, and broken movement patterns due to desk and computer work. We’ve been working with her to restore proper posture and alignment, improve her ranges of motion, and teach her how to move. Her results have been fantastic – they’ve exceeded her expectations – and we’re not done yet!

Spine Chiropractic – Better. Faster.

Hands Adjusting

Our focus on chiropractic adjustments, myofascial release techniques, and functional movements/exercises leverages simple yet powerful ideas to see results that exceed what most people have come to expect.

If you’re experiencing less than your absolute best and don’t know exactly why, do not wait, call us at (530) 809 – 2695 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jesse Smith and he will work with you to discover what is holding you back. More than that, you will learn what you can DO about it.

“If you want to feel like you’ve never felt, you need to do something you’ve never done.”

 Come Join Us!

Chiropractic Adjustments

Are you functioning at your best? Are you at ease?

Chiropractic is a system of optimizing human performance and potential by restoring or enhancing the body’s function.

Physical, mental, and environmental stress all interfere with our body’s ability to function at its best, and in the spine cause what are known as intersegmental dysfunctions. These intersegmental dysfunctions send feedback to your brain and nervous system that something isn’t right and you are in a state of dis-ease. If you’re experiencing chronic pain and discomfort, or an acute injury, you know what dis-ease feels like.Connected Spine

Physical Stress:

Poor posture and movement patterns lead to constant, repetitive strain on your spine, your muscles, and your nervous system.

Mental Stress:

Chronic pain and dysfunction lead to activity avoidance and frustration. A vicious cycle begins, and you’ve forgotten how great you can actually feel.

Environmental Stress:

Television and computer use, video games and texting, long car rides and sitting too long at your desk. Our modern lifestyle creates the postures and patterns that are causing your pain and dis-ease.

Chiropractic Adjustments

A chiropractic adjustment is a quick, short thrust delivered to the intersegmental dysfunction, resulting in improved quality and range of motion of the joint, and the restoration of normal, healthy motion. This allows the body to move, and function properly and results in ease being restored to the body.

It feels wonderful to be at ease.

Visit our office in Chico, CA and experience a chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Jesse Smith. Call (530) 809 – 2695 to schedule an appointment.


By the Way, Knee Pain…

You can always count on the “Ohh by the way…” or the “I was wondering…” at the end of an appointment to be interesting. What follows can range from, “I’d like to set up and appointment for a friend.” to, “I forgot to mention some pain while skydiving yesterday.” (True Story!)

My last “I was wondering…” came from someone waiting for a friend during their appointment.

He asked if I could figure out why the fronts of his knees hurt when he would go on long car drives and when he would do squats. He wanted to know if there was anything that could be done for him.

I got him up on the exam table, went through a problem focused history and exam and immediately started to identify problem spots in his legs, IT bands, and glutes.

IT band tightness was one of the most prominent things that I noticed and I asked if he also had trouble with knee pain during running. He let me know that he’d stopped running just a few months ago because of knee and outside leg pain.

He doesn’t live in Chico so I referred him to a DC closer to home. With chiropractic care, soft tissue work, and rehabilitation his prognosis is very good. There is no reason he shouldn’t be able to run pain free, do squats, and keep skiing (what was most important to him).

He mentioned that until talking with me it didn’t even occur to him that he could take steps to be pain free and more importantly to function better than ever.

That is my message for this post: If you are having issues that are keeping you from doing the things you enjoy, then seek the advice of someone who can inform you on what you have, and what you can do to fix it!

If you live in Chico, CA I suggest that person be me!

Consults are free, and you will leave my office more informed than when you come in.

We’re all moving. Move in the right direction!


-Jesse Smith, DC

Dr. Jesse Smith, DC is a chiropractor in Chico, CA. He practices at Spine Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Wellness located at 376 Rio Lindo Ave, Chico CA. His regular blog is meant to encourage and inform current and future patients as they move towards an awesome, healthy lifestyle.


Our office is located at 376 Rio Lindo Avenue, Chico CA 95926. A location with plenty of parking and easy access.

We offer the following services:

Chiropractic adjustments

  • To improve joint and spinal motion, allowing proper function. To reduce pain and discomfort, to feel great!

Activator/Impulse Adjusting

  • A method of adjusting with similar benefits to chiropractic adjusting, but potentially better tolerated by older patients, patients who are afraid of being adjusted, or patients with extremity complaints.

MRT/Manual Therapy

  • To break down muscular adhesions and trigger points. Improving muscle function and motion, reducing pain, and disability.

Mechanical Traction

  • To reduce strain and pressure, improve nutrition to discs, and improve faulty posture.

Hot/Cold Therapies

  • To increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and pain, etc.

IST Tables

  • To impart further motion, helping patients to relax, and provide a great atmosphere.

Postural, NMS Taping

  • To help maintain proper posture and remind patients to use proper mechanics during their normal activities of daily living.

Take Shape for Life (TSFL)

  • To provide a safe and effective weight loss option for patients who are dangerously over weight and need a more directed approach in the short term.

General Nutrition Advice

  • For patients who are already pursing a healthy eating plan, and want assistance and education in achieving their dietary goals.

Foot Levelers

  • To reduce daily discomfort for patients who would benefit from shoe orthotics. To make postural corrections as needed.

Therapeutic Exercises, Postural Training and Advice

  • To improve over all function and health, support adjustments, and see patients feeling and looking better.

Consultations (X-ray, MRI, Second opinion, advice)

  • To provide a service to anyone with questions within my scope of practice. Helping them interpret results, offering a second opinion, and helping patients pursue their best options.