Sarah Picard, Office Manager

Sarah Picard Is Chief Engineer of Spine's Engine Room

The first person you are most likely to meet at Spine Chiropractic in Chico is Sarah Picard. Sarah’s sunny disposition and can-do attitude set the tone for everything we do.

Her job description includes scheduling, billing, payroll, human resources, and everything else that doesn’t include adjusting. Sarah is effectively the chief engineer of Spine’s engine room.

And yes, she is also Dr. Jesse’s younger sister.

Raised in Orland, California, Sarah, who was quite shy and liked to read, wanted to be three things when she grew up: a teacher, a missionary, and a mom.

Over the following years, she has done what she wanted. Sarah lived and worked with a missionary family in East Asia. She also taught almost everything except science at Providence Christian School in Orland, so that’s two off the list. 

And since getting married on October 2, 2021, the third goal is about to be crossed off on or around October 31, 2022!

So what brought Sarah’s upbeat demeanor to Spine?

Sarah loves being the person who organizes systems, pays attention to details, and keeps things moving smoothly. She also loves the chance to interact with all of you who come through Spine.

And, as it turns out, she loves working with Jesse, and they get along great. They see things differently but they are also a lot alike. That means they often come to the same conclusions, they just take different paths to get there.

They have learned to recognize and respect each other’s strengths. As Sarah puts it, “If you can communicate clearly and kindly, things go well.”

And Sarah extends that mantra to you. From the moment you walk in the door (including metaphorical doors like phone and website) to the moment you leave you will receive clear communication, respect, and kindness.