Our office is located at 1166 Esplanade Ste 2, Chico CA 95926. A location with plenty of parking and easy access.

We offer the following services:

Chiropractic adjustments

  • To improve joint and spinal motion, allowing proper function. To reduce pain and discomfort, to feel great!

MRT/Manual Therapy

  • To break down muscular adhesions and trigger points. Improving muscle function and motion, reducing pain, and disability.

Mechanical Traction

  • To reduce strain and pressure, improve nutrition to discs, and improve faulty posture.

Hot/Cold Therapies

  • To increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and pain, etc.

IST Tables

  • To impart further motion, helping patients to relax, and provide a great atmosphere.

Postural, NMS Taping

  • To help maintain proper posture and remind patients to use proper mechanics during their normal activities of daily living.

General Nutrition Advice

  • For patients who are already pursing a healthy eating plan, and want assistance and education in achieving their dietary goals.

Foot Levelers

  • To reduce daily discomfort for patients who would benefit from shoe orthotics. To make postural corrections as needed.

Therapeutic Exercises, Postural Training and Advice

  • To improve over all function and health, support adjustments, and see patients feeling and looking better.

Consultations (X-ray, MRI, Second opinion, advice)

  • To provide a service to anyone with questions within my scope of practice. Helping them interpret results, offering a second opinion, and helping patients pursue their best options.