Why Take Shape for Life?

I was introduced to Take Shape for Life through my chiropractic mentor and coach while still in school. He and his wife were both able to lose weight using TSFL and were both able to stop taking cholesterol and blood pressure medications as a result.  Nothing motivates like success, and he wanted to share that with his patients. When I started my own practice he encouraged me to offer Take Shape for Life as well.

I was hesitant. Opening a new chiropractic office I wanted to keep things simple and add services such as weight loss in an organic, manageable way.

Then my Dad’s knees started to hurt.

Looking objectively at his symptoms and overall health it was obvious that one of the best possible things for him would be weight loss. We decided to try Take Shape for Life, with me becoming a TSFL coach in the process.

My Dad started the program February 11th, 2012. He’s still going; his goal is to lose 146lbs. So far he’s lost 81, and his knee pains have responded fantastically to chiropractic treatments coupled with weight loss.

Most importantly for me is who knows how many years more I might have my Dad around now that he is moving out of obesity and into healthy eating habits and a more active lifestyle?

Take Shape for Life has added both quantity, AND quality to my Dad’s life.

That was enough to motivate me to add TSFL to my practice and share it with my patients.

If you want to hear more, you can call me at (530) 809 – 2695 and I would be excited to talk with you.


– Dr. Jesse Smith, DC